We are the smile at the reception desk, after the long journey, sitting on the train looking at hills that run in reverse, like the hands of the clock that separate us from the much sweated vacation. We are the light wind that ruffles your hair during the journey that brings you to us.


We are the breeze of coffee in the morning while, with your nose in a map, you sniff the air and choose between the possibilities of a new day.


We are the evening dip on a soft new bed as you sway between fresh memories and morning starfish.


We are the light chatter like a grain of sand brought from the beach, of the
late afternoon.
We are the ice cube that you will play with in the glass of our aperitifs.


We are the book you’ve been wanting to read and that is waiting for you on our shelves to be borrowed.


We are the sweet “goodbye” and “see you soon” of the last day.