After the fresh caress of the Adriatic Sea, the smell of sun cream mixed with saltiness, the sunbed, the shade on the still pale face, glances and smiles through the sunglasses. Who will stand up to shorten the distance between umbrella neighbors?

Ombrelloni Rimini

Unaware, the children with bucket and shovel, on a golden sand, build memories. Mom and dad rediscover the sand castle of when they were children and the blush of when, as teenagers, they liked each other. The boys laugh and have found the spot for the perfect selfie, they organize evenings and first loves blossom.

Pontile Rimini

The seagulls, with their garrites, accompany the gaze on the pier, the point of freedom, that line drawn on the horizon, where sea and sky meet. Silent witness to the life of the blue. Light blue. Turquoise. Aquamarine. Ultramarine. Lagoon color. Orange. Midnight blue. Stars.
“What are you reading?
The plot of one book could give birth to another and a hundred other plots. Or it might not.
It could tell of the amazement of a child on the ferris wheel seeing for the first time a city from another point of view, with artificial lights redrawing its architecture.

Ruota Panoramica Rimini

Of a first kiss, followed by a smile of embarrassment, on a rowboat under the Tiberius Bridge.

Ponte di Tiberio RiminiOr it could be about a taste detective, in search of the perfect culinary crime. Who will be guilty of absolute gastronomic lust? Maybe, the star, the piadina, traditional squacquerone cheese and prosciutto? The mysterious cassone verde alle erbe? The cappelletto in broth overflowing with filling? Or the explosive lasagna? Or the famous roasted sardines, fried in skewers or the inimitable ragout?

It could tell of someone who, by day, is an inflexible manager of his destiny but a romantic bibliophile by night.
It could talk about a Fellini-like cinephile who, while strolling through Borgo San Giuliano and admiring its murals, asks himself:

Would you be able to leave everything and start life over? To choose one thing, just one thing, and be faithful to it? To be able to make it the reason of your life. A thing that gathers everything, that becomes everything, precisely because it is your fidelity that makes it become infinite.”.

San Giuliano RImini

It could be talking about a new Lara Croft wandering between the Arch of Augustus,
the amphitheater and the surgeon’s domus in search of the traces of the secret manuscript of the consul.

It could unveil the magic formula of the slides and waves of Riccione’s Acquafan.
Riccione, where you enter as an adult and exit it as a wild child.
Or it could be the score of the notes of Mirabilandia, a symphony of adrenaline and fun.
It could be the chronicle of a little girl and her little brother, who after having covered only 1.8 km (4 minutes) from the hotel, they found themselves in the magical world of Fabilandia.

It could tell of a late summer day savored slowly as a child savors the last teaspoon of ice cream.

Write your own story…

Rimini, Luna park
Rimini, Luna park
Rimini, Luna park
Rimini, Luna park
Rimini, water park
Rimini, water park
Rimini, amphitheater and domus
Rimini, Arch of Augustus